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                    ProjectPro® offers 2-day preparation workshops for doing the PMI-SP exam which may be taken at Prometric Testing Centers in South Africa. For those not intending to sit the exam, the workshops will be an invaluable source of scheduling best practices

                    The course is not intended to train novices to schedule projects using a particular package like Microsoft Project, The workshop is aimed at honing the skills of candidates with at least two years of scheduling experience into the best possible shape to pass the 3,5 hour exam comprising 170 multiple-choice questions . However, MS Project is used by the facilitator to explain the scheduling concepts.

                    The workshop covers, amongst others, the following aspects:

                    • Project Management Basics
                    • Purpose of Scheduling
                    • Schedule Development Process
                    • Activity Network Diagrams
                    • PERT
                    • Critical Path Method
                    • Precedence Diagramming Method
                    • Critical Chain Method
                    • The Scheduling Tool
                    • The Schedule Model
                    • Schedule Risk Analysis Process
                    • The Project Schedule
                    • Schedule Model Good Practices
                    • Designing the Schedule Model
                    • Elements of Developing a Good Schedule
                    • Developing the Scheduling Framework
                    • Establish Project Calendars and Work Periods
                    • Establish the Optimum Project Update Cycle
                    • Designing an Effective Activity Coding Structure
                    • Determining Resource Planning Requirements
                    • Define Milestones
                    • Design the Project’s Activities
                    • Design the Project’s Logic
                    • Analyzing the Schedule Output
                    • Base lining the Schedule
                    • Maintaining the Schedule
                    • Schedule Conformance Index

                    Employers can trust PMI-SP credential holders to possess the skills, knowledge and experience to contribute directly to their crucial projects and to impact their organization’s bottom line. This global credential supports organizational needs; organizations can be confident in hiring capable, experienced project scheduling practitioners. Organizations can offer career paths and encourage individuals to pursue a career in the valued role of a project scheduling practitioner.

                    Click below to register or download the information brochure

                    PMI - Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)®

                    As projects become more complex, global and virtual, the project management profession continues to grow and diversify. This growth is the driving force behind the need for a specialized role in project scheduling. The Project Management Institute (PMI®) offers their Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)SMcredential which acknowledges an individual’s role to provide unique expertise on the project team, while recognizing the value this role provides to the field of project management.

                    The purpose of scheduling is to provide a roadmap that represents how and when the project will deliver the products defined in the project scope and by the project team. The dynamic nature of a project execution is best served by a tool that allows for modeling of the plan and analysis due to the impact of progress and unforeseen developments..

                    • Tryphina Mahlaela

                      Successful  Candidate
                      Congratulations Tryphina Mahlaela!

                      I have attended the ProjectPro course and wrote my PMI exam and passed on my first attempt.

                      Thank you so much to ProjectPro


                    • Dhivaash Sadahew

                      Dhivaash Sadahew has been certified by the Project Management Institute as a Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP). He attended ProjectPro’s PMI-SP exam preparation workshop and passed on his first attempt, becoming one of only 1040 scheduling specialists to have obtained this sought after credential world-wide.

                    • Ericsson project administrators


                      All-women teams of Ericsson project administrators attended a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) workshop in Accra, Ghana and a PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) workshop in Lagos, Nigeria. The teams, comprising delegates from Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Benin and Cameroon, were facilitated by ProjectPro

                      From Ericsson

                      To certified Project Support Staff 

                      It is great pleasure to announce more Project Support Staff who passed successfully the PMI (Project Management Institute) international certification CAPM® (Certified Associate in Project Management) & PMI-SP® (PMI - Scheduling Professional). Well done to the 6 certified PSS!

                      • Bernadine Egbe (Cameroon) passed successfully PMI-SP
                      • Hellen Allan (Tanzania) passed successfully CAPM
                      • Tatiana Ouedanou Nwankpa (Benin) passed successfully CAPM
                      • Oumou Cisse (Ivory Coast) passed successfully CAPM
                      • Patricia Karanja?nbsp;(Kenya) passed successfully CAPM
                      • Lily Mwai (Kenya) passed successfully CAPM 

                      RSSA Project Support Staff eligible to PMI certifications are this year preparing exams for either CAPM® or PMI-SP®. We wish Success to the candidates and more announcements in the coming weeks. 


                      • CAPM®, designed for projects practitioners, demonstrates understanding of the fundamentals, terminology and processes of effective project management
                      • PMI-SP® fills the need for a specialist role in project scheduling. It recognizes unique expertise and competence to develop and maintain project schedules, while providing baseline knowledge skills in all areas of project management.

                      Both certifications are based on PMI PMBOK® Guide and represent an asset for certification holders to provide effective Support to projects with effect on Business results.

                      LEARN MORE about PMI International Certifications  at www.pmi.org

                      Nafy Diagne
                      Manager: Project Support RSSA


                    PMI®, PMP®,CAPM®, PMBOK® Guide, PgMP®?nbsp;are marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc

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                    ProjectPro is a Registered Education Provider (REP) no. 3618 with the Project Management Institute (PMI) and has developed a series of courses for you to undertake at your own pace, place and time.

                    Part of VBKOM Holdings (Pty) Ltd

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