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                    Global status of PMP®

                      The Project Management Professional (PMP®)/ Certified Associate (CAPM)® certifications by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) of the USA, is the internationally recognised project management certification. Since the inception of the PMP® in 1984 hundreds of thousands of project managers around the world have obtained this sought-after certification

                      Prestigious organisations such as Transnet, IBM, SAB Miller, AT&T, ABB, NCR, Siemens, CitiBank, Canadian Dept of Defence, Korean Electricity Power Corporation, etc include the PMP® in their project management career path

                      The PMP® is a recognised certification for project management professionals in South Africa, USA, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and many more

                      The PMP® computer based exam is held locally at testing Centres thoughout South Africa. The requirement to sit for the exam is 7 500 hours of working experience or a college/university/equiv. Degree plus 4 500 hours of work experience  Also 35 hours of project management education is required.

                      The PMP® exam may be done at any approved Prometric centre in South Africa. Contact ProjectPro® for the latest entrance requirements, or visit the PMI® home page on: www.pmi.org

                      A PMP exam fee is payable direct to PMI® in the USA of US$405 for PMI® members or US$555 for non-members

                    Course objectives

                    • Enable learners to pass the PMP®exam
                    • Familiarise learners with the multiple-choice PMP® exam format
                    • Provide access to suitable study material
                    • In-depth review of the PMBOK® Guide
                    • Guidance in qualifying and applying for the PMP® Examination
                    • Form study groups to continue the learning process after the course

                    Course content and kit

                    • Guidelines for qualifying and applying for the PMP® certification
                    • Course study material comprises a PMP manual, PMBOK® Guide, sample questions, application forms, etc. Information on purchasing optional recommended books (which are on display during the workshop) is also provided
                    • Access to library of Project Management Journals, PM Network® and ProjectPro® magazines/e-zine
                    • Computer-based testing and scoring process that tests learners during the three-day workshop and guides their preparation.

                    Each learner receives the 756-page PMBOK® 6th Edition, AGILE Guide, Study Guide, a comprehensive course manual, and a certificate of achievement. (Lunch and refreshments included).

                    One of the prerequisites to sit the PMP®  exam is that 35 (PMP) hours of project management training should have been successfully undertaken at any time in the past. Many PMP® candidates have done other project management courses, which added to the 24 hours gained through ProjectPro’s PMP workshop gives more than the required 35 hours.

                    PMP eligibility requirements for candidates to take the exam

                    Candidates must meet certain educational and professional experience requirements. All project management experience must have been gained within the last eight consecutive years prior to your application submission.

                    Candidates have two options:

                    • Option 1
                      • Those holding a secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree, or global equivalent), and
                      • a minimum of 5 years (60 months) unique non-overlapping professional project management experience* during which at least 7 500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks**, and
                      • 35 contact hours of formal project management training/education
                    • Option 2
                      • Those holding a four year  degree (bachelor’s degree or global equivalent), and
                      • a minimum of three years (36 months) unique non-overlapping professional project management experience* during which at least 4 500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks**, and
                      • 35 contact hours of formal project management training/education

                    *You should have experience in all five process groups (initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing) across all your project management experience submitted in the application. However on a single project you do not need to have experience in all five process groups.

                    **Leading and directing project tasks as identified in the Project Management Professional Examination Specification (see Section 6 of manual).

                    The credential process is explained in the PMP Credential Handbook provided in Section 5 of the workshop documentation.

                    Click below to register or download the information brochure


                    The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification is conceived and administered by the Project Management Institute(PMI®). It is an internationally recognized qualification for experienced project managers. Computer-based exams are held in South Africa.

                    ProjectPro® offers eLearning, 3-day, 5-day (in-house) 9-week Saturday mornings PMP preparatory workshops comprising sessions that cover the entire Project Management Body of Knowledge in-depth. Learners will find the 350 typical exam questions worked through and answers explained on the course, invaluable preparation for the exam, as it identifies the learner’s strong and weak areas of knowledge. Recommended study books and the PMI’s Information Source Guide are on display for perusal.

                    Project Management Professional (PMP)

                    PMI®, PMP®,CAPM®, PMBOK® Guide, PgMP®?nbsp;are marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc

                    • Quinton Cartwright


                      Quinton Cartwright, a project manager with Denel Ltd in Centurion, has passed the gruelling 4-hour Project Management Professional (PMP) exam with flying colours. He was wise enough to join one of ProjectPro’s PMP exam prep workshops to ensure he was successful on his first attempt. Congratulations Quinton !

                    • Tamer El Akkad


                      Dear ProjectPro

                      I just want to inform you that I passed my PMP Exam today (Proficient in all domains), Thanx for your efforts and support. ( I remembered your statement of model student :) ).

                      Here are my comments on the exam questions:

                      • There were no questions on the PMI Talent Triangle,
                      • 2 questions on network diagram and critical path,
                      • 3 straight-forward questions on Earned Value,
                      • 2 questions on kick-off meetings,
                      • many questions on Risk, Communication and Stakeholder Management Plan,
                      • I noticed the Project Charter was used a lot in the answer choices.

                      Hope we meet soon. Thanx again. 
                      Tamer El Akkad

                    • Burger Swart


                      I attended your PMP/CAPM preparation workshop. I wrote and passed the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam at the first try.

                      I would just like to thank you (a little belatedly) for the course you presented. Your course provided me with the necessary information and tools to not only obtain the credential, but also make a success out of my project management career. I am full of confidence that my decision to become a project manager is a wise one and I will one day look back at the ProjectPro course as the turning point in that decision.

                      The exam itself was rather difficult. I read through the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) a few times and made sure that I knew what all the terms meant. I also did quite a few online tests (mostly PMP though). I must have had a lucky day, as the exam focuses 95% on the processes, inputs, outputs and tools/techniques. Situational questions were limited to a handful (which I thought I would be stronger in). I must say that had I not studied the definitions in the glossary of the PMBOK, I would not have passed. In short though, if someone wants to pass the CAPM, they have to learn all 44 processes and in which knowledge areas they occur, together with the inputs, outputs and tools/techniques.

                      Good luck with your training courses and I hope to one day attend another one of them.

                      Kind regards
                      Burger Swart

                    • Zakhele Dube


                      I recently obtained my PMP certification. This was the most testing exam I ever had to take but I was well prepared for it, thanks to the ProjectPro Prep Course. I attended the in-house Prep courses (ABB) and read a couple of books together with the PMBOK®Guide. What I realised is that the PMBOK does not sufficiently get one ready for the exam, it is only a basic guide line and indeed good knowledge foundation for Project Managers. 

                      I would suggest Burke, Kerzener and RMC's Rita's notes and CD ROM, for preparation for any Project Manager who would like to undertake the test and make it first time 

                      I would like to thank ProjectPro for having been instrumental in getting me the valuable qualification. I can now look forward to a long and prospective future in the field of Project Management. 


                      Zakhele Dube
                      Project Manager - ABB (PTMV)
                      Utilities, Mining & Exports

                    • Jacqui Baldwin Jarvis

                      JacquiDear ProjectPro

                      I attended your Project Management Professional preporatory workshop.  I registered for the PMP exam shortly thereafter and wrote the exam.  I am thrilled to report that I passed and want to thank you for putting me through the paces at the prep workshop.  It really made me examine areas of project management that I did not necessarily use on a day-to-day basis and helped to identify my strengths and weaknesses.

                      I spent a lot of time on the costing and scheduling tools and techniques and went through all of the questions and answers that you provided. The actual exam had quite a few questions on Earned Value which I am pleased to say I was very well prepared for.  I am waiting for my certificate so I am not sure what my overall pass mark was. However, the scores I received on the 6 Domain/ Knowledge Areas ranged between 63% and 87%.

                      Once again, thanks for the thorough preparation - I will certainly recommend ProjectPro to other aspiring Project Management Professionals.

                      Jacqui Baldwin Jarvis, PMP

                    • Johlene Nel


                      Dear ProjectPro

                      My apologies for writing this email a week late - but such a lot has happened in the office in my absence and I had to catch up on some work. Now that I have managed to get all issues under control I decided to write you an email as requested in your course notes. I am pleased to announce that I wrote the PMP® Exam and passed!

                      The exam experience is not something I enjoyed doing . I must admit that I was not convinced of a pass during my session -  I marked 120 questions for review! I wrote the four hours (with only 5 minutes to spare) and submitted the exam - “ exhausted and in a state of anxiety. What an experience - I don’t think 30 seconds felt that long before! It was such a relief when I got the feedback.... I felt like doing a cartwheel out of the centre, but I think I would have hurt myself in the process.

                      Thank you for the part you played in my preparation. Your course work and notes were of great assistance (chapter questions and Super PMP document). In addition to this I used the Kim Heldman CD and the ‘dummy’ exam on www.pmstudy.com (can recommend this one). I would further recommend that one should attend the course after scanning through the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®Guide) to get the most out of the ProjectPro sessions and then aim to write the exam as quickly as possible thereafter.

                      Thank you once again. Good luck with your endeavours in inspiring even more people to get involved in Project Management. Project Pro's PMP course definitely achieves this.

                      Kind Regards
                      Johlene Nel

                      Johlene Nel
                      Bigen Africa



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