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                    Program Management Professional (PgMP )®

                    Who should attend? ProjectPro’s workshop is ideal for:

                    • candidates wishing to apply for the PgMP exam
                    • for executives, sponsors, project directors, program managers, portfolio managers, Project Management Office (PMO) heads wishing to know more about the processes and benefits of the program management approach in supporting organisational strategy.
                    • holders of the Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential who can earn 15 Professional Development Units (PDU) for re-certification purposes.

                    Those interested in joining ProjectPro’s PgMP workshop should register from our website www.www.houseweb.com.cn or contact us at 012 346 6674 or email training@www.houseweb.com.cn for more information.

                    Building on the rigorous process it takes to achieve other certifications in PMI’s family of credentials, the PgMP®uses three evaluations:

                    1. An application review by a panel of program managers
                    2. A multiple-choice examination taken in South Africa
                    3. A Multi-Rater Assessment (MRA) in which a team of raters, that the candidate selects, review the candidate’s abilities to perform tasks that are relevant to program management.

                    Completing the three evaluations not only allows program managers to assess their knowledge and skills against global industry standards but also provides them with feedback through the MRA process that they can use for professional development.

                    “It was a very good opportunity to test myself to find where my skills are located according to program management standards and to see where I need to develop”. said Kwang Gu Baek, PMP, PgMP, program manager for Eaton Korea, an automotive company in Pyungtek-Si, Republic of Korea. Mr. Gu Baek is among the first PgMP credential holders worldwide, who participated in the pilot exam conducted in 2007.

                    Because the evaluations are progressed in an online environment, panels of program managers from across the world are able to assess the candidate’s professional experience in the first evaluation. Candidates also can select MRA raters from anywhere in the world to participate in the third evaluation.

                    The Program Management Professional workshop will be a valuable learning experience for senior and advanced practitioners or executives interested in project, program and portfolio management.

                    Click below to register or download the information brochure


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