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                    Day 1
                    Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Project

                    Topic A: Identify Project Management Concepts

                    Topic B: Navigate the Microsoft Project 2016 Environment

                    Lesson 2: Defining a Project

                    Topic A: Create a New Project Plan

                    Topic B: Define a Project

                    Topic C: Assign a Project Calendar

                    Lesson 3: Creating and Organizing Tasks

                    Topic A: Add Tasks to a Project Plan

                    Topic B: Import Tasks From Other Programs

                    Topic C: Create a Work Breakdown Structure

                    Topic D: Define Task Relationships

                    Topic E: Schedule Tasks

                    Lesson 4: Managing Project Plan Resources

                    Topic A: Add Resources to a Project Plan

                    Topic B: Create a Resource Calendar

                    Topic C: Enter Costs for Resources

                    Topic D: Assign Resources to Tasks

                    Topic E: Resolve Resource Conflicts Course Outline

                    Day 2

                    Lesson 5: Finalizing a Project Plan

                    Topic A: Optimize a Project Plan

                    Topic B: Set a Baseline

                    Topic C: Share a Project Plan

                    Lesson 6: Executing a Project

                    Topic A: Enter Task Progress

                    Topic B: Update Task Progress with SharePoint

                    Topic C: Update Work

                    Topic D: Update Costs

                    Lesson 7: Monitoring Project Progress

                    Topic A: View Project Progress

                    Topic B: Add Custom Fields

                    Topic C: Create Custom Views

                    Topic D: Create a Network Diagram

                    Topic E: Analyze a Project Plan

                    Lesson 8: Controlling a Project Plan

                    Topic A: Edit the Task List

                    Topic B: Reschedule Tasks

                    Topic C: Update a Baseline

                    Day 3

                    Lesson 9: Reporting on Progress

                    Topic A: Format and Share a Chart View

                    Topic B: View Existing Reports

                    Topic C: Create Custom Reports

                    Topic D: Create a Visual Report Course Outline

                    Lesson 10: Customizing the Application

                    Topic A: Change Project Options

                    Topic B: Create a Project Plan Template

                    Topic C: Share Resources

                    Topic D: Link Project Plans


                    Performance-Based Objectives

                    Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

                    *Understand the project management framework.
                    *Create a work breakdown structure by organizing work?nbsp; components.?nbsp;
                    *Create a project plan and enter task information.
                    *Assign project resources.
                    *Setting task relationships and identify the critical path.
                    *Finalize the project plan.
                    * Exchange project plan data with other applications.
                    * Update a project plan.
                    * Create custom reports.
                    * Re-use existing project plan information.
                    * Create a program of projects ( master project plan).
                    * Report performance using Earned Value Management.


                    ProjectPro’s MS Project courses can be held on a corporate group basis or for individuals.

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                    ProjectPro is offering introductory and advanced courses in Microsoft Project 2016.

                    Scheduling a project’s tasks can become a nightmare unless one is properly trained in structuring the project using a Work Breakdown Structure and phases to ensure all the work packages are captured and decomposed into logically sequenced and resourced tasks.

                    It is recommended that the learner attend an introductory course such as Project Management Demystified prior to the MS Project course, but this is not essential.

                    Microsoft Project Courses


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                    Construction Project Management

                    12- 14 February 2020
                    25 - 27 March 2020

                    Engineering and Construction Project Management (ECPM)

                    12- 14 February 2020
                    25 - 27 March 2020

                    Project Management Professional (PMP)  Workshop

                    26 - 28 February 2020
                    1 - 3 April 2020



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