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                    Join ProjectPro®’s one-day Seize the Day! course and discover how tried and tested project management techniques can make you super-productive through better planning, organizing and controlling of your daily tasks. This course is suitable for anyone who desires to be more efficient and effective with lower stress levels. After attending Seize the Day! you could save up to two hours a day of previously wasted time.

                    The course fee includes a manual, worksheets, lunch/refreshments and is a great investment in future prosperity. Discounts for groups. Available throughout Southern Africa.

                    Each day is a building block of the weeks, months and years that comprise the rest of your life. Seize this opportunity now e-mail us today. Contact ProjectPro on (012) 346 6674 or fax  086 656 9736 or e-mail training@www.houseweb.com.cn for more information.

                    Seize the Day! features:

                    • The Clock and the Compass
                    • Ten Golden Rules of time management
                    • How to arrest Time Thieves€?/span>
                    • Conquer chaos through planning, organizing and controlling - The Unorganised Manager Video
                    • Fast-tracking your daily schedule
                    • Seven habits of highly effective people
                    • Sharpening the saw - stress managementand meditation
                    • Tools and computers to maximize productivity
                    • Armour to protect yourself against other’s bad habits
                    • The Power of the Pause - look before you leap
                    • Let your fingers do the walking
                    • The art of delegation
                    • The Pareto Principle - focus on the critical items
                    • Buffers - expect the unexpected
                    • Video case studies: The Unorganised Manager; Stress Management

                    Who should attend the Seize the Day!Course?

                    This course is a must for anyone who needs to manage themselves and their time more effectively. Whether you are a director, manager, professional, supervisor, secretary, accountant, sales person, restaurateur, housewife, etc. you will be able to achieve much more in a day and reduce your stress levels.

                    Give one day of your life to ProjectPro’s Seize the Day! Course by contacting us today on (012) 346 6674 or e-mail: training@www.houseweb.com.cn for more information.

                    Click below to register or download the information brochure

                    TIME MANAGEMENT - SEIZE THE DAY!

                    Time / Stress Management, Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness Course

                    There just don’t seem to be enough hours in a day to get through our jam-packed schedules.

                    Are you feeling stressed, out of control and looking for a way to efficiently and effectively manage your life? Let ProjectPro, an accredited project management trainers share the secrets with you on how to get things done and yet still maintain a healthy balance between your personal, family and business roles. The Seize the Day! experience goes beyond time management it also addresses your mental, physical and spiritual well being.


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                    ProjectPro is a Registered Education Provider (REP) no. 3618 with the Project Management Institute (PMI) and has developed a series of courses for you to undertake at your own pace, place and time.

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